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Complimentary Consultation

The initial meeting is simply to introduce you to our company and our process. We will begin discussions on your wish list, concerns, and a time line. We can show you examples of our product as well as how we’ve met and exceeded our clients’ expectations. This meeting will likely be the beginning of rewarding partnership for both you the client and Keystone Construction.

Design & Planning

Selecting a lot is a very important part of the design process. If you already have a lot, we will want to have a detailed look at it, and if you don’t, we will assist you in finding the perfect lot that meets your objectives both for design and budget. Simultaneously, we will be working with you and a designer to create building plans that take full advantage of the characteristics of your lot and meet all of your additional needs and desires. We have accomplished this part of the process in as little as a couple of weeks, and in some cases it has taken years. You, the client, are in control of the timeline depending on your needs. We will work at your pace.

Proposal & Documentation

After the plans are complete and the lot has been chosen, we will want to meet to discuss, in more detail, what amenities you would like in your new home. Many times we price options so that you can make informed decisions as to what you want. Without options, it’s like shopping in a store without price tags. Based on the detailed specifications that we create and the lot, we will price your new home. After pricing is complete, we present you with completed designs, specifications and a fixed price with options. After you’ve decided on which options to go with we create the contract documents that include the plans, specifications, and the contract.

Custom Home Construction

From moving dirt to handing over the keys, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We provide each client with a selection schedule so that you can stay on top of the decisions that need to be made. At Keystone we view changes as a normal part of the “Custom Home” building process. As you make decisions regarding changes and selections, we will discuss how they will impact the overall cost and timing in the execution of your plan. We don’t try to make our living off of change orders. If changes add to the cost, obviously we charge, but if a change saves money, we’re happy to pass that savings along to you. Throughout the construction process you will be constantly informed and treated like a partner. It is our goal to make building a fun experience. As with any project there will be bumps along the way, but our transparent approach to facing problems immediately gives our customers the peace of mind that we are all on the same team with the same goal which is building the best possible home.

Before starting construction we will give you a completion date estimate and after interior trim is installed we can give you a move in date. It is not our goal to build a home as fast as possible, however, it can be expected that progress will occur virtually every day. If you have a dead line that must be met, we have proven many times that we can make it happen.

Project Completion

This is where Keystone really takes the extra step to complete the finishing touches of your home. Together, we’ll inspect your home and identify any outstanding items that require attention and get those items corrected prior to move in. We pride ourselves in completing your project on schedule and within budget.

Follow Up & Warranty

For 20 years, we have stood behind our work. We realize that, once you move into your home, you’ll notice items that need to be addressed. At your one year anniversary, we will meet with you to discuss and resolve any items that have come up over the past year. Keystone offers a 2 year warranty on everything, 4 years on roofing, and 10years on the structure of all our homes.

In addition, all of our homes are backed by 2-10 . For more than 30 years, the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® family of companies has offered homeowners the most comprehensive home warranty coverage available.